Revolve and Recycle Centre

The Wollongong Revolve and Recycle Centre located before the weighbridge is a modern Recovery, Recycling and Reuse Centre. This Centre aims to help residents reduce the amount of waste to landfill by recycling or reusing unwanted goods and materials that would otherwise be sent to our local landfill site.

The fees & charges at this facility are designed to minimise waste to landfill by encouraging residents to sort and separate their recyclable items from their waste.

To locate the Revolve and Recycle Centre turn right at the roundabout before the weighbridge at the Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park. Here you will find a vast assortment of second-hand items for purchase, with new and different goods arriving regularly.

Accepted Materials and Fees & Charges

For a comprehensive list of materials accepted and their relevant fees & charges visit or contact Wollongong City Council on 4227 7111.

Why is resource recovery good for the environment? By reusing and recycling your waste you are:

  • saving precious resources from landfill
  • keeping our waterways cleaner
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • conserving our natural resources