Recycling Collection Service

Your Yellow Lid Bin is for Recycling only. This bin is collected fortnightly, on the same day as your Waste to Landfill Bin and FOGO Bin.

What you CAN place in your Recycling Bin:

  • Paper & Cardboard including Pizza Boxes (ensure cardboard boxes are flattened and placed loosely in the bin)
  • Steel & Tin Cans
  • Aluminium Cans, Trays & Clean Foil
  • Rigid Plastic Containers, including Lids
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Milk & Juice Cartons

What happens to your recyclables?

Your recyclables are taken to a transfer station at Kembla Grange. The material is then bulk hauled to a Materials Recovery Facility in Sydney.

Your recycling is sorted and then sent onto various recyclers to be made back into paper, new containers and various other new products.

These items contaminate your recycling and MUST NOT be placed in your Recycling Bin:

  • Plastic Bags, Wrap & Food Scraps
  • Disposable Nappies
  • Polystyrene Foam
  • Paints & Oils
  • Crockery, Drinking Glasses & Pyrex
  • Syringes & Medical Waste
  • Clothing & Linen
  • Any Other Waste

Plastic bags are NOT accepted in your Recycling Bin. These will contaminate the recycling process.
If you put the wrong items into your Recycling Bin it may not be collected.

Need another Recycling Bin?

Property owners can arrange an additional 240 litre bin if one is not sufficient. Additional services are levied through your property rates system. For applicable fees click here.

To request an additional Recycling Bin, please click here.

Recycling Near You!

Looking for information about recycling and waste services in your local area? The Recycling Near You! website contains information about residential recycling and waste services offered by Wollongong City Council, as well as local drop-off options for your items including computers, batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and many others.

Bins must be placed out before 6:00 a.m. on your collection day and removed from the kerbside on the day, after they have been serviced.