FOGO Collection Service

From November 2020 Wollongong City Council is providing a weekly Food Organics Garden Organics service using your existing green-lidded organics bin.

The FOGO service is for food and garden waste such as kitchen scraps, grass clippings, leaves, small branches, shrubs and weeds.

Your green-lidded organics bin is collected weekly with the red-lidded Waste to Landfill bin.


Your Kitchen Caddy

Residents are provided with a kitchen caddy and compostable bags to assist in the recycling of all organic waste from your kitchen. Simply line the caddy with a compostable liner, fill it with food waste and then empty the contents into your green-lidded FOGO bin. 

Compostable liners are optionalif preferred food waste can be left loose.

Tip: Empty your kitchen caddy regularly into your green-lidded FOGO bin. Compostable bags deteriorate quickly when in contact with liquids, to prevent spills bring your caddy out to the bin.

No Plastic or Biodegradable Bags
These will be treated as contamination.

Any compostable bag liners used in your kitchen caddy or green-lidded FOGO bin must display the
Australian Standard - AS 4736


All food waste goes into FOGO: raw or cooked meat, bones, fish, bread, cheese, out of date food, food scraps are all accepted.

Meat and seafood scraps can be frozen until collection day. Freeze them in the compostable caddy liners provided and throw it straight into your green-lidded FOGO bin just before collection.

To minimise odour in your green-lidded FOGO bin layer food scraps alternately with your garden organics (eg: lawn clippings).

Where possible put your green-lidded FOGO bin in a shady well-ventilated spot.

Empty your kitchen caddy regularly into your green-lidded organics bin.

Compostable bags are made to break down, bring the caddy to the bin when you empty contents into the green-lidded FOGO bin. 

Even if there’s only a small amount in your green-lidded FOGO bin put it out every week.

If you put the wrong items into your FOGO Bin it may not be collected.

Download the FOGO User Guide

Download a Guide to Purchasing Compostable Liners

Download the FOGO Fact Check Sheet

Need another FOGO Bin?

Is your FOGO Bin consistently full? Property owners can arrange an additional 240 litre bin if one is not sufficient. Additional services are levied through your property rates system.

For applicable fees click here.

To request an additional FOGO Bin, please click here.

Bins must be placed out before 6:00 a.m. on your collection day and removed from the kerbside on the day, after they have been serviced